Kunst, een zichtbare investering


My roots are in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, where I also studied at the Academy of Arts, Willem de Kooning.
Since 1995 I live in the beautiful region 'The Gooi', near Amsterdam.

My paintings are mainly figurative and they diverge in style and color. It gives me a lot of satisfaction to work with the warm and tranquil radiation of earth colors, because they make me feel close to nature. At the other hand I am also strongly attracted to the vibrant and joyful primary colors.

 I often start out with a rough concept that I have in mind, and during painting pure emotion is my guide. Searching the right composition of form and color is always my goal.

  Materials I use are; pastel, charcoal, and acrylic paint. My tools are; brush, sponge, pallet knifes and my hands. In order to create relief and structure I apply combined techniques.